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The most important part of a pet's healthy lifestyle is the food they eat. Finding the right way to feed your pet is an important decision. While doing so, always remember that cats and dogs were meant to be carnivores. That means their bodies are specially designed to digest meat more than grains or veggies.

With this in mind, it's always recommended that the transition is slow when switching from one kibble to another to avoid upsetting their digestive system. However, when switching between two proteins, you can generally switch easily.

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Get in touch with Ruffing It and find out more about the natural food products that we offer or drop by our store to have a look at them for yourself!

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Want more for your pets? Don't worry, we have you covered. We not only cater to your pet's food requirements, we also provide pet supplies for your pets.

Get high-quality grooming supplies at affordable prices. And also visit our store to check out treats and toys from Petware, Durapet, FYDO, and many other brands. You can also order your favorite products and get them delivered to your home.
Get all-natural pet foods at affordable prices.
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